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Because You Cann

Licensed Micro Cultivation & Micro Processing Facility

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Local,  Family-Owned Business

Serena is the Founder, CEO & President of Because You Cann Inc. the 2nd Health Canada licensed Micro Cultivation facility in Alberta and 25th in Canada. She and her husband are proud farmers in Mossleigh, Alberta.

They have five children between the two to them and five grandchildren. Serena’s passion for the cannabis plant comes from seeing the positive health benefits the cannabis plant has in her life as a medical patient. She decided her love for the plant could also be a way to diversify the farm.

Her daughters have remained in rural Alberta to “grow” with her and she is pleased to offer employment to residents in the area. The goal has been and continues to be, to empower women and their cannabis use,

free of judgment and ending the negative stigma.

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“It’s an exciting time to be part of an emerging industry. I’m proud have my daughters at my side, to show the world that through our literal blood, sweat and buckets of tears, we made this dream come true.”

~ Serena Donovan

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